Cooking Demo

Come out to learn how to make some delicious meals and then stay to eat while you enjoy all your hard work. Make sure to send your payments prior to the event to reserve your spot! Contact Eldora ( for where to send your payments.

We have had many fantastic demos these past few years. Many of you attend regularly and enjoy them immensely. In order to continue the demos we need volunteers to help us. We cannot do the demos every month. It would be wonderful to have different people with different recipes and cooking talents to help us. Right now we are looking for helpers specifically for the October 23 demo.


My goal is to involve different members and/or non-members who would be willing to take a specific month between now and April and be in charge of the demo. WE NEED YOUR TALENTS AND YOUR RECIPES! Teaching others about Italian foods and recipes is a wonderful way to keep our Italian culture alive!

Some of you volunteered to take a specific month last year and it worked out very well. We are asking you and others to help again this year. You can choose the specific Monday in a particular month that you would work out for you, as long as that date is available with Vinny.

I will provide you with ideas and any organizational or clerical help you need. I have all the procedures written out, so you would know exactly how to organize and run the demo. I will also be available via phone or email to help you out with any questions you may have. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!! Let's not let this program die!

Event Start: 
10/23/2017 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm
$15/Member, $20/Non-member

Yes. Contact Eldora at to make reservations.

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