The Secret of Italian Cooking

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by Eldora Perfilio

Italian food is as varied as the region it comes from and the cook who prepares it. If you put 7 Italian cooks in one room and ask them to give you the recipe for pasta sauce you will undoubtedly get 7 totally different recipes This is what makes Italian food so wonderful. It's all about the individuality and passion with which it is prepared. Each of those same 7 cooks would argue that his/her recipe is the best or the most authentic!
We all remember our moms or grandmothers who cooked great food but could never give you a recipe to follow. Recipes and techniques were passed down by word of mouth and we learned to cook by watching them. To them cooking was not a chore but rather a vocation that they fulfilled to the best of their abilities.
They did it well and they did it with love. Maybe that's why so may of
our happiest family memories are connected to food. We felt their
love when we ate the food they prepared for us.
Italian food is so wonderful, not only because of the love that goes into it's preparation, but also because of the fresh ingredients used to prepare it. Italian
food is about simplicity, and freshness- a few fresh tomatoes, some garlic, some olive oil- stirred together with just enough care to make it delicious. There are no heavy sauces needed to masquerade the natural, fresh taste of its ingredients. Italian cooks go to great lengths to find just the right ingredient for a particular dish.
They usually cook foods that are in season so they can avail themselves of fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs etc. that are at the peak of their flavor.

Italian cooking is all about